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I started with Teresa in January of 2008 when I saw 230 pounds on the scale I was standing on. With 3 Sessions a week for 4 months and then down to 2 sessions a week for 4 months I faithfully kept a food journal and watched my weight drop to below 200 pounds! I then started going once a week to Teresa and to a gym a couple of times a week. Since then I went down the next year to 185 pounds and have stayed in that range of 183 to 189 for the last 2 years with weekly visits to Teresa and now going to the gym at least once a week in between. Teresa keeps this 65 year old guy feeling like he is 45 and keeps me in shape for golf 2 to 3 times a week with no pain, (except when I miss a 5 footer for birdie)...Thanks Teresa!

Bill Harber
Dunedin, FL

"I have been working with Teresa for about 2 years now. The great thing about working out with a trainer is they inspire and motivate you to do more than what you think you can do; to go that extra rep or hold it that last 10 seconds. Teresa keeps things fresh and is always introducing new exercises to my routine. This makes the workouts more challenging and certainly never boring. I have also gleaned a lot of good nutritional information in working with Teresa that I have used to help change my eating habits. The personal attention in the quite atmosphere is definitely a plus."

Karen Erdelac
Clearwater, FL

I was referred to Teresa by my chiropractor for rehabilitative exercises and stretching for pain associated with arthritis, a torn meniscus and low back/hip pain. She has met and exceeded my expectations. I had been exercising and stretching on my own with no relief. Literally in the first session together Teresa was able to identify my problem with imbalance and weaknesses and provide results. She has taught me what to do on my own in-between sessions with her that have made it possible for me to sit, drive and stand without debilitating pain. It has been amazing to do the things I was doing before but now PAIN FREE!

Thanks Teresa for providing relief and knowledge to manage my health issues on my own.

Ann Miller,
Clearwater, FL

During the past two years of twice a week workouts with Teresa, I have been very pleased with the way in which she has been able to adjust the make-up of our sessions together depending on the muscle groups needing to be worked. She has assisted in preparing me for skiing vacations in the winter, golf in the spring and beach activities in the summer. We have worked toward quarterly objectives that have included weight goals, diet recommendations and supplemental exercises and stretches to be done at home or in a gym. The more I stick to the regimen that she recommends the better my results have been!

Mark Vernon
Clearwater, FL

Approximately 2 years ago I began working out with Teresa. I was overweight, out of shape and had no stamina. Today I've lost 60 lbs and have no difficulty spending 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. Despite my frequent dietary indiscretions my body continues to drop inches. Teresa is patient and encouraging yet at the same time she pushes you to move beyond your comfort zone. I began working with Teresa because I did not want to be in a big gym with others watching, I stay because of the results and personalized approach, my workout is based on my needs.

Sue Hartranft
Clearwater, FL

About six years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. I am 5'10" tall and weighed in at 289 pounds.  Aside from the simple truth I was not well, I felt awful and was depressed. My doctor put me on medications to help me with my health condition and told me to change my diet and exercise without giving me any specifics. So I did begin slowly on my own. I started walking 15 minutes a day to start - that was all I could muster and making better food choices along the way. After 5 years, I lost on my own about 50 some pounds but still needed to take the same meds. My weight loss had plateaued and it seemed no matter what I did, I could not get my diabetes or blood pressure under control.
Then one day I was walking by Teresa’s studio and decided to drop in and see what they were all about. This was the day that changed my life. That was June, it is now November, and I am a changed woman. A healthy, stronger, fit, happy...did I say healthy, 56 year old woman. I know I have never, ever felt like this in my entire life.  Teresa and her competent, fabulous team worked with me with interest and passion. They encouraged, pushed, enlightened, pushed harder, listened and taught. They help me to understand the importance of fitness in everyday life. I cannot believe that I can honestly say today that I love to exercise! It is now a consistent part of my day, no matter what...just like brushing my teeth. Under their expertise, I have lost an additional 40 pounds, several inches and dress sizes, but more importantly, I am now completely off my blood pressure medications, one of my diabetes meds and the last remaining diabetes medicine has been reduced to half the original dosage. I am encouraged that someday soon I will be completely medication free. I know I will make my personal final weight goal. But most importantly, I am enabled. Finally, for the very first time in my life, I am enabled to be the best I can possibly be all because of the day I met Teresa and her staff.  I love these guys! 

Diane Rode,
Safety Harbor, FL

I have been searching for a place to workout and figuring out a way to lose weight. I have multiple health issues so I thought I would never be able to stay with an exercise program. I came to Teresa to "test" her out to see what she could do for me and I knew I wouldn't be able to exercise because of all my injuries and surgeries I've had. WELL, I couldn't have been more wrong. She was so nice about dealing with everything and really accommodating when I severely dislocated my tail bone she was still able to come up with more than enough exercises for me to be challenged and able to do at home.
She sincerely cares about you as a person and you are not just another client in her eyes. I would recommend her to anyone, especially people with medical situations or surgeries. If you think you can't work out, she will find the perfect routine for you.
I have lost almost 30 lbs with her just by exercising and eating right. I feel great!
Thanks Teresa for all you do!!

Esther Ropp,
Tarpon Springs, FL

I have worked with Teresa for over 2 years. Like many people I have a busy life and need to get the best out of my work outs and Teresa makes sure of that! She monitors your progress and modifies workouts to your individual needs. I have seen great results .I look and feel better than I have for 10 years.
The personal attention really works!

Chris Boardman
Clearwater, FL



1Teresa has worked with me for five years to improve my competition in triathlons. She has rehabbed physical issues due to repetitive stress and created a program including stretching and core strengthening to keep me injury free. Before working out with Teresa I dealt with pain and frustration on a regular basis. Now that I train with her I am PAIN FREE!

Clearwater Beach, FL




Staying fit and healthy has always been a priority in my personal life but after I reached 50 it seemed like almost overnight I had 2+ inches added to my waist even though I continued to exercise and watch my diet.  In addition, an injury which occurred in my late teens had progressed to a state that left my left shoulder unstable and vulnerable to dislocation.    Not willing to face the “knife” on my shoulder and determined to get my waist back, I sought out help from a personal trainer and found Teresa and her staff. 

 I originally started with a short term contract, just hoping to jump start my fitness level and get myself back on track.  However, the private instruction and personal attention to my shoulder coupled to the change I was experiencing kept me coming back.  That was 7 years ago.  Since then I have been working out with Teresa and her team twice a week.   My weight has dropped by 10 pounds, my body fat is down by 4% and my “spare tire” is drastically reduced.  

Teresa is unique in that she fine tunes each work out to meet my individual needs.  She has spent time outside of the studio to determine the best exercises for rehabilitating my shoulder.  Inside the studio, her expertise gives me the confidence and security to perform them.  Although my shoulder is still a work in progress, I continue to see improvement with each session and am hopeful that in the future I will experience full range of motion.

I never expected to still be working with a personal trainer 7 years later.  I didn’t think I could afford it.   However, the expense has become a motivator to keep me going even when I don’t feel like it and the results I have worked so hard to obtain are very hard to abandon.  Today I don’t look at this as something I can’t afford to do, but as something I can’t afford NOT to do. 

Mary Gallagher
Clearwater,  FL


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