If you’re looking for the best personal trainer in Dunedin, Fit to a T may just be the right place for you. As the top personal trainer in Dunedin, whether you choose me as your trainer or whether you choose someone else, it’s still important to me that you get the most out of your personal training sessions.

Best Personal Trainer in Dunedin: Getting the Most From Your Sessions

Create a Reliable Schedule

If you don’t already have a schedule in place, make one. One of the most influential factors on the success you will achieve while working with a personal trainer is your schedule. For you to see great improvements in your health, you have to regularly meet with your trainer and the best way to make sure that this happens is to set up standing appointments at the same time each week. This makes sure that you prioritize your health by making your training sessions a part of your routine.

Really Talk to Your Trainer

Talk to your trainer not just about your sessions, but about your lifestyle and ask for tips that can help you to reach your fitness goals. As a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer, I know how important it is for my clients to do more than just “hit the gym”. Fitness is about whole-body health and giving your body what it needs to succeed. I help my clients to do this with nutritional counseling, lifestyle recommendations, and fitness training, this does more than get you “in shape”, it sets you up for a lifetime of success because it teaches you to listen to what your body needs.

Track Your Progress

It’s easy to get discouraged from personal training sessions when you first begin. Change is uncomfortable and we’re often tempted to turn back and go back to our less healthy choices because they offer less change, but I encourage you to stick with it. One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated to stick with a fitness program is to track your progress regularly. Keep a food journal, track your food intake if it helps you, wear a heart rate monitor, measure in once a week…do whatever it takes to track your fitness journey. Doing this gives you solid evidence of the benefit that your personal training sessions is having on your life and helps to keep you motivated!

If It’s Not Working For You, Say Something!

There are many different approaches to personal training and a good personal trainer knows how to work with their clients to find an approach that works for their individual needs. Training should be about you as a client and not the trainer. If a particular training approach isn’t working for you, tell your trainer. Keep open lines of communication, it will not only make you feel better, but it will also improve your chances of success when it comes to creating a healthier you.

Ready to Start Training With the Best Personal Trainer in Dunedin?

If you’re ready to start working towards a healthier you so that you can live the best version of your life, why not give me a call today at (727) 755-3485? I’d love to help you to achieve a healthier and happier life.

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