As a central Florida personal trainer, I welcome many new clients through my doors when the new year begins. One of the first things that they tell me is that they’ve made the new year’s resolution to live a healthier life. So today I want to share with you eight of my top tips to start this new year out in a healthy way.

Top Florida Personal Trainer Shares 8 New Years Tips to Get Healthy!

1. Walk Whenever You Can

Creating a healthier you can start with the smallest changes, so try walking instead of driving whenever you can. Even if you do drive, try parking further away so that you get some steps in too!

2. Drink More Water

Many of us are guilty of grabbing soda, juice, coffee, or tea when we need a drink but these drinks aren’t as hydrating for your body and they come with extra calories that you don’t need. Grab a water bottle and keep it filled throughout the day and you’ll find that you feel better, your skin looks better, and you don’t snack as often!

3. Make Your Veggie Portions Larger

When it comes time to plate your dinner, take a larger portion of veggies and a smaller portion of higher calorie sides like pasta and mashed potatoes.

4. Cut Out the Salt

If you’re guilty of adding extra salt to everything you eat then it’s time to nip that habit in the bud. Extra salt is not only a poor choice for your health overall but it can also lead to water retention which makes you feel bloated and lethargic.

5. Choose Longer Lasting Nutrition

It’s easy to grab a sugary snack when we feel like our blood sugar is dropping but while this type of snack will raise our blood sugar, it’s a short-lived spike of energy that soon ends in another crash. Instead of grabbing that sugary snack, choose a snack with longer-lasting energy sources like nuts.

6. Eat Often

Many of my clients skip breakfast and even lunch and focus on dinner as the single and main source of nutrition for their day. This type of eating causes your metabolism to become sluggish. Instead, try to eat smaller meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism active!

7. Pay Attention to Portions

Don’t just grab the serving spoon and dollop food onto your plate, get those measuring cups out if you have to and really pay attention to the size of your portions. You’d be surprised how many extra calories we eat when we don’t pay attention to portion sizes!

8. Stop Procrastinating!

One of the biggest problems that people have, when they decide to start living a healthier lifestyle, is actually beginning to make that change! Instead of putting things off until tomorrow, start today by making small changes. The sooner you begin, the sooner you can rediscover a healthy you!

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