As the leading Dunedin Ayurveda trainer, an important part of my job is helping my clients to understand exactly what Ayurveda is. So, today we’re going to take a look at the basics to give you a better idea of how you can benefit from this type of lifestyle change!

Dunedin Ayurveda Trainer Explains Basic Ayurveda Principles

Let’s begin with the basics – what is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda focuses on the idea that everything in the world is interwoven in one large tapestry. In order for us to achieve full wellness and health, we must have a balance between the internal and external worlds. When we are not in optimal health, this is a result of an imbalance in these worlds or a shift in energy within the body. The various “treatments” offered by Ayurveda medicine are designed to re-achieve balance between the body, mind, and environment.

Why is Avyrveda Important?

For centuries the principles of Ayurveda have played a role in the health and wellness of various populations but particularly among various Asian cultures – specifically Indian culture. Throughout history, Ayurvedic approaches and treatments may have varied, but the overall principle remains the same…


The first step in the Ayurvedic approach to healing is to purify the body.

Dietary Changes and Herbal Remedies

The second step in the Ayurvedic approach is to begin on a healthier diet designed to feed your body as well as to balance out any known symptoms caused by the lack of balance in the life force. Once symptoms have been addressed, herbal remedies may be recommended to correct any remaining imbalance and address any ongoing concerns that may throw things out of balance again.

Massage Therapy and Yoga

Massage therapy and yoga are the next steps in Ayurveda. Massage helps to lengthen and stretch the muscles as well as promote blood flow and work out any blockages to energy within the body. This also results in increased oxygen-rich blood being delivered throughout the body to promote the overall function of bodily systems.

Yoga works in much the same way as massage therapy – by promoting circulation, unblocking energy channels, and stretching muscles for a more relaxed body. This also helps your mind to let go of stress so that you can find a more relaxed mental state.


To continue to quieten the mind, meditation is a must. It helps to center yourself and to connect all of the individual pieces of you that were previously fragmented by stress or illness.

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