I love my job in Dunedin fitness training for a good many reasons, but one of the leading reasons has to be that I can help people to get more out of their lives. You know how you feel when you’re off your peak…that “blah-ness” that you can’t quite put a label on… well I firmly believe that working with a good fitness trainer can help you to overcome that feeling and get more from your life. Today I want to share just five of the ways that I can help you to do that.

Dunedin Fitness Training: 5 Ways I Can Help You Live a More Fulfilling Life

1. Overall Health

When you dedicate yourself to a fitness program you aren’t just “losing weight” or “building muscle”, you are exercising your lungs, strengthening your heart, building strength in your back…All of these things help to bolster your overall health by limiting your susceptibility to illness or injury and, if you do get ill or injured, your recovery will be a much smoother path because your body is in shape.

2. Strength

Although it’s not everything, the strength that you build through regular training with a fitness trainer will certainly help you to get more out of your life. If you’re a woman who lives alone you may find that you rely on others to lift things for you much less than you did before. If you’re someone who has had trouble with independence since an injury, training can help you to build your strength so that you can obtain that independence!

3. Stamina

One of the benefits of training that so many of my clients comment on is stamina. That’s because so many things that we do in our lives require us to “stick it out” either mentally or physically. With the proper trainer, you will have that extra push to keep going and to build up your stamina and that can mean any number of things- being able to play with your grandchildren longer, being able to walk upstairs without getting out of breath, and improved stamina can even help to strengthen your romantic relationships!

4. Happiness

It’s a fact that a good workout releases endorphins (or chemicals that make you feel more positive) in the body, but seeing healthy progress in your physical being will also boost your feelings of happiness! This is why I highly recommend personal training as part of a holistic approach to treatment in patients with depression and anxiety.

5. Better Quality Sleep

Did you know that having a regular personal trainer can help you to overcome insomnia and get a much better quality of sleep overall? The reasoning is simple – exercise increases the energy expended by your body which means that come bedtime, you’ll be ready to doze right off!

Are You Interested in My Dunedin Fitness Training Sessions?

If you’re interested in training with me at Fit to a T, I encourage you to get in touch via phone at (727) 755-3485 to set up a consultation with me so that we can talk about how I can help you to live your best life!

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