As a top Dunedin health coach, it’s important to me that I set my clients up for success and I believe that a big part of doing that is helping them to understand what “healthy eating” actually means.

Dunedin Health Coach: Understanding Healthy Eating

“Getting into shape” is about more than just losing weight and building endurance, it’s about learning how to live a healthier life so that you FEEL better. The problem is, though, that many trainers out there only work with their clients on physical fitness which makes it very difficult for those same clients to maintain their level of fitness in the longterm. Why? Because a huge part of your fitness, your stamina, your overall feeling of wellbeing, comes from what you eat. Eat the wrong foods, fail to provide your body with what it needs to function optimally, and you’ll fail at maintaining the fitness level that you paid your trainer to help you to achieve. That’s why I take the time to help my clients understand the relationship between food and fitness.

Why is Nutrition Important?

When I talk to my clients about nutrition, I try to avoid the word “diet”, yet it’s usually the first word that comes to mind for my clients. This is because so many of us have been trained to think that healthy eating comes from being on a “diet”. Now technically, yes, what you eat is referred to as a “diet”, but when my clients talk to me they’re referring to fad diets, those diets that cut out food groups, that exaggerate certain ingredients, that provide your body with an imbalance of nutrition and (in some cases) attempt to change your natural biological processes!

Here’s what I tell those clients – Nutrition and “eating well” isn’t about being on a diet or deprivation, it’s about learning to understand how your body works and meeting those needs by providing the correct fuel for the engines that drive you.

Simply put, when you eat, your body breaks down the food you have eaten into fuel. There are different types of fuel – fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Depending on the food that you eat, your body may find more of one fuel source than another, will get more or less “fuel”, and will expend more or less energy trying to get that energy from the food you have eaten. The aim of healthy eating is to provide your body with the most optimal source of “fuel”.

Imagine two hamsters each on a running wheel. One of these hamster wheels has more resistance which makes it harder to turn so that the hamster has to use more energy trying to get the wheel to move. By the time that hamster gets the wheel moving, they are tired, they have expended a lot of energy and it’s now too tired to run on the wheel at all. The other hamster, however, has a smooth moving wheel with no resistance. This hamster can easily begin moving the wheel.

Healthy eating is akin to running on a smooth moving hamster wheel, you are not forcing your body to work harder to get the nutrition it needs and so you have more energy.

Could You Benefit From a Dunedin Health Coach?

Are you in need of a Dunedin health coach who can not only help you with your physical fitness needs but who can help you with understanding your dietary needs, I can help. Why not give me a call today at (727) 755-3485 to set up your free session to see how I can help you to change your life for the better?

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