As a Dunedin trainer, I also offer services as a Dunedin rehab trainer to help clients to return to an active and healthy lifestyle after injury. If you are interested in returning to an active lifestyle following an injury, here are a few ways that I can help you to take back your fitness without the risk of further injuring yourself.

Dunedin Rehab Trainer: 4 Ways I Can Help You to Rehab After Injury

1. Catering a Fitness Plan to YOUR Needs

I have never believed in a “one size fits all” approach to exercise or nutrition and this is equally true when it comes to rehab work following an injury. When we are working together to develop a fitness routine for you, I will ask you a number of questions about how you currently feel and what you want to get from your fitness program with me. Using the information that you give me, I will create a customized rehab fitness plan so that you can reclaim your fitness without risking further injury and while giving your body the time that it needs to repair itself.

2. Starting Slowly

I’m no Bootcamp instructor and I will never treat you like a soldier when we work together. This is particularly true when we work together post-injury. I always want you to feel comfortable with our work together, but I also want you to enjoy our sessions together and pushing your body to the limit or aggravating an existing injury is definitely not going to make you feel either of these things. I promise you that we will always start slowly as we step into your fitness rehab program and even as we improve your fitness, I will never risk pushing you too hard. Yes, we will get you back on the fitness scene, but we will only do it at a pace that is comfortable and safe for you.

3. Strength Training

When you experience an injury, you lose a lot of strength and muscle mass as you go through the initial stages of your injury. This makes it particularly important for us to work on strength training as we get you back into shape. We won’t just focus on cardio, we will create a fitness program that incorporates strength training and cardio too.

4. Stretching

Stretching is something that you should always do before exercising, but it becomes increasingly important when you are stepping into fitness for the first time and when you are recovering from injury. Stretching will warm up your muscles and prepare you for physical activity so that you don’t get injured again. Sometimes, during your first rehab sessions, we may focus solely on stretching and getting you more limber so that when we do begin more physical work together, your body will be ready.

Are You Looking For a Dunedin Rehab Trainer?

If you are looking for a Dunedin rehab trainer who can help you to safely get back in shape, I’d be happy to talk to you about your needs, your goals, and how we can get you to where you need to be! Just give me a call today at (727) 755-3485 and let’s get started!

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