Today I want to take a little time to cover my current Dunedin trainer deals and offers. I know that sometimes it can be hard to start something new, especially when that something new involves a whole lifestyle change, so I always try to put together some great discounts to help my future clients to kickstart their journey into a healthier lifestyle.

Dunedin Trainer Deals: Special Offers to Kickstart Your Healthier Lifestyle

Have you been thinking about starting your journey into a healthier lifestyle? Need that little extra incentive to get started? Take a look at my three current offers and select the one that best fits your needs.

Offer 1

My first deal is an offer for 3 sessions for one low flat fee of $99. That’s three full training sessions with me – a value of $200 for less than half the price. This package is designed to introduce you to my training style and for me to get to know who you are and what you need from your training program. During these three sessions, you will get a feel for just how customized your training program with me will be, and hopefully, I can help you to realize that a healthier lifestyle change doesn’t have to be torture!

Offer 2

My second deal is an offer for 20% off your first month of training sessions with me. This is a bigger savings for those of you who are ready to jump in feet first and get started on a healthier track right away and dedicate yourself to that change. We will work together for your first month at a 20% discount so that you not only have time to really get into the swing of a healthier lifestyle, but you will also begin to see the changes that this healthier lifestyle has to offer!

Offer 3

My third offer is for a $10 buddy/partner workout session. If you prefer to workout with a friend or partner and need that extra little push and motivation, this is the offer for you. A great, affordable option, this session gives you the opportunity to share your workout experience with someone close to you while you explore your fitness options. It’s also a great way to see if your new workout partner is someone you are compatible with in terms of your fitness goals and motivational needs!

Are You Interested in My Dunedin Trainer Deals?

If you live in or around Dunedin and are interested in taking advantage of one of my current training offers, just give me a call today at (727) 755-3485, and let’s get you started along the path towards a healthier you!


*Offers cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Limit one per customer.

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