A good personal trainer is a good personal trainer, but sometimes, for a woman, having a female personal trainer can add a few additional benefits. Today I want to talk about some of those benefits.

Female Personal Trainer: 5 Benefits of a Same Sex Trainer

1. Similar Body Build

We all have different body types, but a woman’s body is more similar to another woman’s body than it is to a man’s. As a female personal trainer I understand the female body and some of the unique concerns that female clients have in regards to different aspects of their health, fitness, and workout routines.

2. Understanding Challenges Related to “Aging”

As we get older the way that our body responds to exercise changes. As our lifestyles, energy levels, and hormones shift, we often find it much more difficult to lose weight or to stay on top of our physical fitness than we used to. Having a female trainer who understands the challenges that we face as we age is beneficial in that it offers you support in your training from someone who truly understands.

3. Understanding Feminine Issues

Being a woman isn’t always easy, especially when you are just embarking on your fitness journey. As you adjust to a newer, active lifestyle, you may find that you have questions or concerns about feminine issues. For example, drastic changes to your exercise and diet can cause changes to your menstrual cycle. As a female trainer, I understand these issues and am not embarrassed to talk about them with you – in fact, I like to think that all of my clients feel as comfortable talking to me about their health and needs as they would with their own doctor. You deserve to know what is going on in your body!

4. Emotional Wellbeing

Being healthy isn’t just about being physically fit, it’s also about being emotionally fit. For me as a trainer, this means helping my clients to learn how to cope with the unique issues that they face as a result of their daily life and helping to channel that stress into a healthier routine. To do this I may push you to reach your limit, but when I push you, I don’t scream, I don’t get in your face, I teach with respect, compassion, and understanding.

5. Unique Health Concerns

Many of my clients have unique health concerns and some of those concerns are directly related to being a woman. Having a female trainer when you are someone who suffers from this type of health condition is exceptionally beneficial because it gives you a little more comfort knowing that the person listening and telling you that they “understand”, genuinely does understand.

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