There are many fitness trainer tools out there and many of them offer a great way to track your progress through your fitness journey. Not all fitness tools are created equal, however, so today I want to share one of my favorite tools with you – the FitTrack Smart Scale.

Fitness Trainer Tools: Why I Love The FitTrack Smart Scale

As a personal trainer, I see many new tools coming out to facilitate better health. Unfortunately, many of these tools are fads and you wind up dropping a small fortune on a product that does nothing you can’t do yourself. Once in a while, though, I run across a product that I just can’t do without. The FitTrack Smart Scale is one of those products. In fact, I love the FitTrack so much that I use it myself and I use it for all of my clients when they come to me for their training sessions!

So…what’s so great about the FitTrack Smart Scale?

  •  FitTrack is one of the most accurate smart scales on the market so you can keep an accurate account of your weight loss and fitness journey. In fact, Canadian medical professionals proved that the FitTrack scale is as accurate as an x-ray analysis within 2%!
  • FitTrack doesn’t just measure your weight, it takes 17 different factors into account so that you get a better picture of your full-body health. This is exceptionally important because many people gauge their fitness solely by weight loss and this just isn’t an accurate way to measure fitness. The FitTrack can tell you your body fat percentage, body mass index, muscle mass, and more.
  • FitTrack is a product the manufacturer stands behind. Many companies that manufacture these fitness products offer only a 30-day guarantee on their product or no product at all. FitTrack comes with a lifetime guarantee and if your scale malfunctions at any time you can return it for a replacement. Plus, the replacement you receive will be the newest model!
  • FitTrack is also a sturdy scale which is a big deal! A lot of smart scales tend to be flimsy and that causes problems for larger individuals who are beginning their fitness journey. FitTrack can weigh up to 396 lbs which makes it much sturdier than many of the other scales currently on the market.
  • FitTrack also comes with a 30-day return policy which is a great way to see if this is the right scale for you. If within 30-days, you are disappointed with the scale for any way, you can return it free of charge!

Interested In Finding Out About More Fitness Trainer Tools?

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