Are you looking for a healthy meal subscription? There are plenty of meal subscription options available, but not all of them are healthy…in fact, most of them are not. Sure, they add variety to your weekly menu, but if you are putting your efforts into fitness training, shouldn’t you also be setting yourself up for success by eating the nutrients that your body needs to thrive?

Enter Healthy Meal Subscription Provider, Prestige Labs

My experience with Fibromyalgia led me down a path of nutritional discovery that changed my life forever. It wasn’t just an experience that changed my life, though, it has allowed me to change the lives of others who are living every day with chronic inflammation, aches, pains, lack of energy, and bloating.

Showing my clients how to fuel their body for success has been exceptionally rewarding, but when a few of my clients started to “fall off the wagon” because of the time it took to prepare meals, I started looking for options. I wanted to help those clients to maintain the progress they had made, sure, but more importantly, I wanted them to continue feeling great. So, I started looking into meal delivery services…

I must have waded through a million different food subscription options out there, but nothing offered what I was looking for – clean food that didn’t include potential allergens, food that was affordable and food that didn’t take an hour to prepare every night. Then by happenstance, I came across this company in Texas – Prestige Labs.

About Prestige Labs Healthy Pre-Cooked Meals

What I love about Prestige is that they are simple. Their ready to eat meals are only lightly seasoned and are free of all sauces and any seasonings that commonly cause allergies. You can select from a variety of proteins so that you are still including variation in your meals and if you like, you can add your own allergy-friendly seasonings. Each meal comes with a protein, veggie, and a potato, sweet potato, or rice side. Proteins include brisket, ground turkey, chicken, ground beef, and cod, and you can choose between a 4oz. or 6 oz. portion. Veggies include green beans and broccoli.

Each of Prestige’s meals comes pre-cooked so all you need to do is reheat when you’re ready to eat which solves the problem that many of my clients were running into – a lack of time. I also really like that Prestige also has a supplement line so that you can supplement your diet to support your workout routine and your health goals.

Setting Up an Allergy-Friendly Meal Subscription

Setting up a subscription with Prestige Labs is pretty easy and they offer discounts depending on how many meals you purchase as well as offer promotions that often get you a free product when you buy a certain number of meals.

Currently, you can choose from 8 meals a week, 12 meals a week, or 24 meals a week, and you can get a weekly delivery or, if you don’t like the sound of subscription services, you can get a one-time delivery instead.

Do You Need Advice to Live Your Best Life?

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