There are many different components to holistic fitness, but today I want to talk about three of the key aspects to a successful holistic fitness training program.

Holistic Fitness: 3 Key Aspects of Holistic Fitness Training

1. A Dedication to Working With the Body And Mind

The very premise of holistic training is to address the body AND the mind. It’s important that this is a concept that your fitness trainer subscribes to if you intend on pursuing true holistic training.

Now, do you have to be “super in-tune” with your sensitive side or practice yoga every day? Not at all, but it is crucial that you find a connection so that your mind and body work together towards your fitness goals.

Focusing on just one aspect of mind and body work doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not going to see results, but it does mean that you are only focusing on part of the picture. Fitness training is about creating a new “normal” and setting new habits that support the healthier you. Now, assume that you just workout and you don’t forge that connection with your mind. What was it that caused you to become out of shape to begin with? Did you overeat? Did you stress eat? Did you fall into a depression that left you with no energy or motivation? All of these things are related to your mental wellbeing yet they have influenced your physical wellbeing. If you truly want to create a healthier you, you HAVE to change the whole you, not just a part.

2. A Positive Attitude

I mentioned above how important it is to address mental wellbeing as well as physical wellbeing when working with a holistic fitness trainer and a big part of this is the ability to maintain a positive attitude. Your attitude affects your overall health, your willingness to give a training regime your “all”. Just imagine walking into the gym and looking around thinking “urgh, I can’t believe I’m here, let’s get this over with”…how much dedication have you given your fitness? Not much, in fact, you’re telling yourself that you don’t want to be there even before you start which sets you up for failure!

3. A Full Understanding of What Fitness Means

When we talk about “fitness” we’re not just talking about “getting into shape” physically, we’re talking about creating a balanced body through mental and physical fitness. Full fitness means releasing stresses and other mental obstacles that are impeding your happiness and the achievement of your fitness goals. If you and your trainer do not have a full understanding of why this type of balanced approach is important, you should know that you are not embarking on a holistic fitness routine.

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