How much is a personal trainer? This is a question that I hear quite frequently, and generally, the answer is “it depends”. You see, there are a lot of different factors that influence the cost of a personal trainer, and what you get in return from that investment is going to depend on the trainer and your effort. But let’s take a closer look at my personal training services as an example.

How Much is a Personal Trainer? What is Your Investment?

Before we begin talking about my trainer services, let’s take a quick look at what influences the cost of your personal trainer and what you get from that investment…

What Will Influence What Your Trainer Will Cost?

Some of the things that will influence the cost of your personal trainer include

  • The experience of the trainer that you want to hire
  • How often you want to visit your trainer
  • Whether you live in a big city or a small town
  • Whether you have an independent trainer or a trainer through a gym

What Will You Get From Your Investment?

  • A healthier lifestyle

What Do My Training Services Cost?

I currently have three training offers available for new clients, these include

  • 3 Sessions Only $135! Your choice, Personal Training, or Nutritional Coaching.
  • 20% off the first month
  • $10 buddy/partner workout

If you are interested in pricing for other training sessions with me, call me today at (727)-755-3485 and we can discuss your training needs. What will influence your cost for training sessions?

  • How often do you want to train?
  • How long will your training sessions be?
  • What type of training do you want to do?

What Will You Get From Our Training Sessions Together?

When I work with you, I want you to get more from our sessions than physical fitness. Yes! Of course, physical fitness is important, but I believe that it’s important for you to understand the principles behind the lifestyle changes that we are making. I want your new healthier lifestyle to be a lifestyle that sticks and that means understanding the changes that we make and why those changes are working for you.

So, yes, you will get a healthy heart, lose that extra weight, feel happier, and be in a better place mentally, but you will also get to better understand your health. You will understand how we are making changes to your health for the better. You will understand how your body works with the fuel you put into it. You will learn how to control cravings and how to sustain the changes we have made so that you don’t slip back into old habits and backslide on the progress we have made together!

Are You Ready To Hire Your Personal Trainer?

If you are ready to start making changes and to hire your personal trainer in or around Dunedin, Florida, give me a call here at Fit To a T! Just dial (727) 755-3485 and we can talk about what type of training schedule would be best for your needs!

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