When you’re searching for a meal subscription, free shipping isn’t all that easy to find. Fortunately for me (and for you), Prestige Labs is currently offering free shipping on their meals! Not sure that Prestige Labs is right for you? Let me tell you a little bit about why I choose their meals…

Meal Subscription Free Shipping Offer From Prestige Labs

First, let me tell you a little bit about Prestige Labs…

Prestige Labs is a supplement and meal delivery company that I found after searching for healthy meal delivery companies that create meals without allergens. I had a number of clients who were struggling with specific allergies who needed the convenience of mail-order meals, so I started researching. I ran across many different programs – seriously, SO MANY, but I was unable to find anywhere that offered allergen-friendly meals that also offered complete nutrition. Then I ran across Prestige.

Prestige Raises the Bar in Quality Control

Prestige dedicates themselves to healthy nutrition, but they also raise the bar when it comes to quality control. They implement multiple quality assurance testing points during every step of their supply chain including thoroughly vetting certified ingredient providers to ensure that all ingredients are top quality. Following this process, raw materials are also tested and samples stored for up to three years to allow for a proper trace of ingredients when needed.

Only Natural

Another of the great benefits of Prestige meals and supplements is that all of their products are made with exclusively naturally occurring ingredients. This is a great thing especially for those of you with food allergies because it means that you will always know exactly what is going into your body. You don’t have to deal with sauces and seasonings with vague ingredient lists or ingredient lists that you can’t understand.

Clearly Labeled Products

In addition to their quality control and only natural ingredients, another huge benefit to Prestige products is that they always clearly label every one of their products so you know exactly what you are ingesting at all times. So, while not all of Prestige’s products are allergen-free, you can easily identify products that are in line with your specific needs.


Of course, affordability is a big consideration for anyone who is looking into meal subscription plans. Affordable meal subscription plans are difficult to come by – particularly when those meal plans need to be healthier and allergen-friendly. Prestige has managed to find a balance between healthy and affordable, though. They currently have a few options to choose from when you’re planning your meal delivery and they all come with free shipping:

  • 8 meals per week starting at $11.99 per meal
  • 12 meals per week starting at $10.99 per meal
  • 24 meals per week starting at $9.99 per meal

You also get special offers based on your order, for example, right now when you buy a 12 meal or 24 meal subscription, you will receive a free protein supplement!

Take Advantage of the Prestige Labs Meal Subscription Free Shipping Offer

To take advantage of the Prestige Labs meal free shipping offer, just click this Prestige Labs Free Shipping offer and choose the meal option that’s right for you! It’s really easy to order and the food is healthy, allergen-free, and best of all, delicious!

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