Dunedin Fitness Training Packages

I offer a number of services to my Dunedin fitness training clients to ensure a fully holistic and healthy training experience. Unlike other trainers who focus only on strength training or cardio work, I concentrate on the holistic aspect of training. I choose to do this because it is imperative that you give your body the tools that it needs to be able to perform strength training and cardio work.

Think of it this way – you wouldn’t expect your car to perform as it should if you fill the tank with diesel would you? The same goes for your body. You can only expect your body to perform optimally and to maintain peak condition when you give it the fuel that it needs to make this happen!

Just a few of the services that I offer to my clients include:

  • Multiple full-body strength training workouts weekly to build your strength and boost your overall wellbeing.
  • Personalized one on one training to be sure that you are getting the full attention that you require to build a healthier life!
  • Varied and updated workouts to prevent burnout and boredom – one of the biggest reasons why people drop out of training with a personal trainer!
  • Thorough written records for each session so that you can share your current fitness regime with your doctors as well as have records to look back over later to measure your progress.
  • Nutritional consultation to ensure that you are getting the best nutrition for your body and to identify any problem areas in your diet currently.
  • Savings on supplements, accessories, etc. so that you can get the most out of each session and keep improving your overall health when you’re at home too!
  • Therapeutic assessments to build and curate your current fitness plan for success without pain!
  • Goal setting and self-assessment sessions to help you to learn how to motivate yourself and identify positive traits rather than negative traits while maintaining motivation.
  • Assessment of your flexibility and strength to determine where we should begin in your training regime and how slowly or how quickly we can progress in your workout sessions.
  • Postural assessment to help you to adjust your posture so that you can provide more support for your body during daily activities.
  • Personalized nutrition plan to identify areas where you are lacking nutrients and need additional supplementation.

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$ 99

Per Month
  •  Weekly 30 or 60 minute sessions.
  •  One-On-One Training
  • Individualized workouts, varied, & updated.
  • Detailed written records for every workout
  • Ongoing Nutritional education and guidance.
  •   40% off all supplements & accessories, review of labs to check for optimal levels if requested and/or needed
  • Fit Track Pro – app available
  • Therapeutic Assessments
  • Review & Discussion about Health History, Individual Goals, Measurements
  • Analysis & Assessment of Posture
  • Strength & Flexibility Analysis
  • Suggested Nutrition Plan
  • Rehabilitative exercises and stretches if needed
  • Therapeutic soft tissue stretching at the end of each workout.
  • Incorporating HIIT, Tabata, Strength training, interval training based upon clients fitness level.
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