As a personal trainer and nutritionist, I always remind my clients that in order to create a fully healthy lifestyle, they must commit to changing their diet and their habits (particularly exercise!). Changing one without the other is going to slow your progress towards your goal, but it’s can also impede any progress at all!

Why a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Are Beneficial

Whether you have a personal trainer who is also a nutritionist (like myself), or whether you choose to have a separate nutritionist and personal trainer, the important thing is that you have both exercise and nutritional advice and guidance. Although, in these tight economic times, it certainly makes more sense financially to hire a trainer who is also a nutritionist.

Why is it so beneficial to have a nutritionist and trainer?

Diet and Exercise Do Two Different Things


Firstly, it’s important to know that when I say “diet” I mean eating a healthy diet, not doing a crash-diet.

Now, when you change your eating habits and start eating more healthy foods, you are giving your body the nutrients that it needs to function properly. You are NOT setting yourself up for success.

Now, cutting your calories and eating less junk may help you drop a few pounds, but it will not burn fat the way that exercise does and it will not build muscle the way exercise does. So, while you may lose some weight, you are not improving your physical health. Additionally, you may find that you have loose skin as a result of losing weight and not building muscle and toning your body.


Exercise is important because it burns fat while also building muscle and toning your body. This builds strength and allows you to live a healthier lifestyle by improving your heart health, reducing the likelihood of sprain, strain, or injury during everyday activities, keeping blood your blood pressure at a healthier range, reducing stress in your life, and improving your mental health too!

Important too is the fact that exercise helps to improve your metabolism which helps you to keep weight off in the long run.

One Without the Other

Exercise without eating a healthy diet and you are not providing your body with the nutrients it needs to perform everyday activities and build muscle. You are also likely replacing any fat burned with exercise by consuming a poor diet. This means you are going to find yourself at a standstill.

A healthy diet without exercise means that you are not helping your body to burn existing fat and you are likely not consuming all of the calories and nutrients needed to keep you healthy – a reduction in calories intended for you to lose weight means a significant cut in your daily food intake and nutrients! Diet without exercise also does nothing to help you to keep your body healthy and reverse some of the damage done by a previously unhealthy lifestyle.

You HAVE to have both!

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