Personal trainer classes offer the opportunity to get healthier under the supervision of a personal trainer. Unfortunately, they also mean sharing your instructor’s attention with a class full of other students. 1-on-1 training sessions, however, have quite a lot more to offer, including these five things…

Personal Trainer Classes: 5 Reasons 1-On-1 Training is Best

1. 1-On-1 Attention From Your Trainer

One of the biggest concerns that training clients have when considering training classes versus 1-on-1 sessions is that they are not receiving the attention they desire from their trainer.

When a trainer has a class of students – whether it’s 3 or 30 students, their attention is diverted throughout the class. This can lead students to feel as though they are not getting the attention they need in order to thrive in their new fitness routine. It can also lead students to feel as though they are falling behind when they need extra help with certain techniques.

1-on-1 training sessions allow students to get all of the attention they need to excel and master fitness techniques.

2. Specialized Training Routines

Many students are reluctant to take fitness classes with trainers because they have unique health needs. They are afraid of injuring themselves or simply not being able to keep up with the class.

Working 1-on-1 with a trainer, though, allows students to work at a pace that is comfortable for them. It allows trainers the opportunity to modify training techniques to make them safer for clients who have unique needs and health concerns.

3. Pacing Fitness Routines

Another common concern that we mentioned above is students who feel that they can’t keep up with fitness classes. They feel left behind and often give up completely on their fitness routine because they feel discouraged.

The truth is that not everyone is able to maintain the same pace while exercising, in fact, not everyone can do everything some instructors request. Working 1-on-1 with a trainer, though, allows students to speed up or slow down the speed of their fitness program so that they feel comfortable and encouraged.

4. Timing

When students take fitness classes with trainers, those classes take place at set times each week. This doesn’t always make certain classes feasible for students because of their own schedule.

Working 1-on-1 with a trainer, though, allows students to set their schedule with their trainer and that schedule can differ based on days of the week or weeks of the month. When training sessions are more accessible, it helps to maintain motivation and make progress!

5. Variety!

Taking fitness classes with a trainer in a gym limits students to the classes that they are taking. This leads to very little variety and quite a lot of boredom!

Working with a 1-on-1 trainer, however, allows students to work with their trainer on adding variety to their sessions. This variety doesn’t just keep things interesting, it also helps to exercise different areas of the body for full-body exercise!

Personal Trainer Classes: 5 Reasons 1-On-1 Training is Best

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