When choosing a personal trainer in the gym, you put your health and wellness in their hands, but once in a while, you can trust someone who doesn’t have your full health at the forefront of their mind. But how do you know when your trainer isn’t the right one for you? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Personal Trainer in the Gym: Is Your Trainer Right For You?

Choosing a personal trainer is a delicate balance between finding someone who can push you but who doesn’t push you beyond healthy limits. Unfortunately, not all trainers understand that individual people have unique health and fitness limits and this can cause a few problems both for your wellness and your happiness. But how do you know if your trainer is the right one for you? Well, here are a few signs to watch out for…

They Don’t Listen to You

An important part of working with clients as a personal trainer is listening to clients. This means listening when a client lets you know that they feel uncomfortable with a yoga pose, that they’re not feeling particularly well that day, and listening to physical signs that the body is giving. For example, a client may tell me that they can “push through” a moment of fatigue, but if I see physical signs that tell me it’d be detrimental for a client to continue to push themselves, I make sure that we stop what we are doing. It’s also important for me to explain to my clients why we are stopping so that they can learn to listen to what their body needs.

When a personal trainer in the gym doesn’t listen to your verbal and physical needs, you can wind up with an injury and the overall experience of personal training can just be unpleasant.

Trying to Sell You…Everything

Suggestions for supplements, vitamins, and programs aren’t a bad thing especially if these are things that your trainer uses and has success with in the past, but it’s a different situation if you are being pressured to buy everything. For example, if your trainer recommends a supplement that’s one thing, but if they push you to buy that supplement every time they see you for weeks on end with high-pressure tactics that just make you feel uncomfortable, that’s something else.

Keep in mind that it’s your trainer’s job to help you to create a healthier you and supplements, vitamins, and programs can help with that, but once you have been honest with them about your feelings towards their suggestions, if they continue to make you feel uncomfortable, it’s time to look for someone new.

Are You Looking For a Personal Trainer in Dunedin?

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