Choosing a personal trainer isn’t about finding the most affordable option and it’s not just about finding a trainer that shares similar outlooks on life. Of course, it IS important to find an affordable personal trainer and it IS important to find a trainer who shares the same morals, perspective, and outlook on life as you do. It’s also important, however, to find a trainer who has what it takes to inspire you to try harder, to be better, and to truly dedicate yourself to a healthier you.

Personal Trainer Qualities That You Should Look For

A Personal Dedication to Fitness

The level of personal fitness that a personal trainer appears to have isn’t what we’re talking about here – there are many factors that influence how fit an individual appears to be, so appearance is simply not an accurate way to measure a personal trainer’s dedication. What we are talking about, though, is a desire to live a healthier life for themselves. For example, a trainer who regularly eats unhealthy foods is not someone who has a personal dedication to fitness. In this instance, the person is likely struggling to manage their own eating and this limits their efficacy as a trainer.

A Willingness to Work Hard

A willingness to work hard is an important quality in a personal trainer because a healthier lifestyle is build and maintained on a platform of hard work. For example, a personal trainer who turns to performance-enhancing drugs is obviously a poor choice as a trainer. This person is simply not dedicated to a healthier lifestyle at all, rather, they are most likely dedicated to the way that the look physically. This type of person is not going to benefit you as a trainer either, because they aren’t focused on the health and wellness aspects of training, they overlook the negative side effects of performance-enhancing drugs, and they don’t teach longterm health and wellness, they focus on immediate gratification.


Patience and hard work go hand in hand because it takes patience to keep working hard towards living a healthier lifestyle. Your trainer should always be patient with you, but they should also always be patient when it comes to their own fitness journey. Again, you want the trainer who is willing to go the distance with you and not the trainer who seeks out quick fixes that don’t alter your lifestyle for lifetime success.


As a holistic trainer, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a positive attitude. Firstly, no one wants to meet up with a personal trainer who complains and always sees the glass as half empty. This isn’t just a downer, but it’s also going to create a negative psychological association for you as far as personal training and exercise are concerned. We’re not saying that you need to find a Disney princess to walk you through your training sessions, but you should find someone who is HAPPY to be your trainer and who takes pleasure in your successes.

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