If you are interested in personal trainer weight loss programs, good for you! As a personal trainer, I applaud anyone who is dedicated to making changes in their own life for the better. I do think that it’s important, however, for anyone who is pursuing weight loss in any way, to be realistic about their goals and abilities, and to set healthy weight loss goals. Today I’d like to share five healthy weight loss goals that could help you on your way to finding a healthier you!

Personal Trainer Weight Loss: 2 Healthy Weight Loss Goals

1. Learn What Your Body Needs

One of the most important parts of successfully losing weight is learning what your body needs to function optimally. To begin doing this, you need to learn how your body works – how it gets energy from foods and which foods are richest in those sources of energy and which sources of energy are going to sustain you for longer so that you eat fewer snacks. This is based on general biology and nutrition and it’s something that a reputable trainer (like me!) can help you to understand!

Additionally, if you have had genetic testing done, you may also find out that your body is less capable of processing certain nutrients or that you are genetically predisposed to having lower levels of certain vitamins and minerals. This information can help you to choose a better diet that is catered to your specific needs and that includes the supplements that you are missing or short on. Doing this will give your body an extra boost so that you will feel better, have more energy, and be able to function at a much higher level than before.

2. Pay Attention To How Foods Make You Feel

There are many different aspects of our diet and I rarely if ever suggest cutting out entire food groups – it’s simply not necessary for the average person. What is important to do, though, is to pay attention to how certain foods make you feel.

  • Do you get a rush from sugary foods or do you simply enjoy the taste? Can this feeling be replicated through healthier food?
  • Do you feel particularly bloated and lethargic after eating gluten-rich foods? Does this result in a lack of energy? Try a gluten-free alternative and see if this satiates you without causing those uncomfortable symptoms of bloating.
  • Are you more drawn to salty foods like chips? Is there a healthier way to substitute this snack? Perhaps lightly salted nuts?

The key to sticking with a healthier eating plan is being able to give your body what you need and paying attention to WHY you crave a certain food so that you can successfully substitute another healthier option!

Do You Live In Or Around Dunedin And Need a Personal Trainer Weight Loss Program?

If you live in or around Dunedin, Florida and you’re looking for a personal trainer weight loss program that will help you to lose weight in a healthy way, I’d love to help you! Why not set up a free session with me today to see if we’re a good fit for each other!

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